Security bollards or traffic bollards are a short vertical post like structure. They are used for the traffic guidance purpose. Bollards come in many different shapes, sizes, styles and materials. The main purpose of a bollard is to create obstruction or to lessen the impact of collision. They are installed in different places for different purposes.

For example bollards placed on the roadside are usually for the guidance of vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians. Bollards are a best product that is used to control heavy traffic. They are also used to guide traffic to enter some specific area or to restrict them from entering some prohibited area.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bollards

Bollards are a very beneficial product when it comes to controlling or guiding traffic. However there are also some drawbacks like every other product. Following are some advantages and disadvantages of bollards.

Advantages of Security Bollards

1. Pedestrian’s Safety

In high-traffic areas, bollards are a must thing. For example, bollards placed in parking lots help to avoid many accidents. They also help to increase pedestrian safety. With the help of bollards, traffic can be easily guided to avoid entering some specific place that is allotted to pedestrians. In this way, bollards ensure the safety of pedestrians.

2. Safety for Vehicles

Bollards are also helpful in providing safety for vehicular traffic. Bollards are placed in heavy traffic areas to reduce the impact of collision. They are also placed in traffic areas to guide the traffic about some specific areas like hospital, school, shopping mall or a construction site etc. Bollards that are used in heavy traffic areas are made of heavy material like metal etc. They need to be made heavyweight otherwise they will not be able to control the impact of collision.

3. Enhances the appearance

Bollards are also used for decorative purposes. They add an appealing look to a place or building. People like colourful bollards placed in areas like public parks or amusement parks etc. They not only serve the purpose of guiding people but also look visually appealing. These decorative bollards can be custom made to match the color theme or scenery of a specific place. Lighted bollards are also made to look visually beautiful and appealing.

4. Environment Friendly

Bollards made of plastic or PVC and concrete can be placed on specific places to avoid the entrance of restricted people. They are a durable material and they also help in preventing deforestation. Heavily built bollards are long lasting and durable. They do not corrode over time thus leaving less chance of costly maintenance.

5. Less Expensive

Bollards are a good option to avoid installation of heavy duty and expensive gates. Bollards give you a pocket friendly option to secure your building premises from unauthorized entry or access. They are simply designed but made of durable material. Thus they provide security in less cost and less maintenance requirements, reducing the need for concrete or asphalt. They do not get rusted or corroded over time. This also helps in reducing the long term cost for maintenance and repairs. Their installation is also easy and less expensive as compared to other security options available.

Disadvantages of Security Bollards

1. Space Requirements

One of the disadvantages related to the installation of a security bollard is that they require lots of space for installation. They often take up the space allotted for foot traffic or pedestrians. The space requirements make it a difficult choice to make because you cannot install bollards in much needed areas if there is no proper free space available for their installation.

2. Problems for Public

Bollards can often create problems for the general public. They are placed on side walkways or roadsides as well. Therefore the foot traffic that passes from that place often gets disturbed due to the placement of bollards in between the walkways. They are also difficult to cross over. Therefore if they are placed in a way that someone has to cross over the bollard, this can cause an accident or hurt the person trying to cross. That is why it is also considered to be a disadvantage of security bollards. Bollards create hindrance and disturbance for pedestrians.

3. Plastic Bollards have Short LifeSpan

Another disadvantage of a bollard that is made from plastic material is that they do not last longer. Plastic bollards are mostly made for decorative purposes or to guide someone to some specific area. They are not made for heavy traffic controlling purposes. That is why they are made to be lightweight and they cannot bear collision. They also bend and break easily thus making them more vulnerable to damage and breakage issues.

4. Accidental Damages

When a car hits the bollard during an accident, it helps to reduce the impact of collision but the car gets damaged very badly. This is considered to be a great disadvantage of bollards. They damage the vehicles very badly. Bollards also cause accidents. Many people driving carelessly and not aware of the presence of bollards in certain areas hit their cars badly with the bollards.

Concluding Comments

Security Bollards & post barriers are a useful product made for the benefit of people and traffic. However, there are some drawbacks as well that cannot be overlooked.